Dusink Blues is the tight new band gathered around bluesguitarplayer Kees Dusink. His award-winning style and sound are even more impresive now, thanks to the virtuosity of Stephan Bijl on rhythmguitar, the impressive vocals of Marc Bocken and the grooves of Marco Overkamp on drums and Donald van der Goes on the bass. Dusink Blues will bring you boundless energy, visible pleasure and tangible synergy. Blues from the gut: An extremely dynamic band that might whisper but will certainly roar.

These five fantastic musicians who have known eachother for ages from sessions and festivals but now gathered over a shared love for the music of f.i. Albert Collins, Peter Green and Albert King. In a momentum in which they were all looking for something new: something that might be velvety, fragile and tear-jerking smooth but also sometimes has to be unpolished, raw and dark. With covers and originals but always with that highly recognizable ‘Dusink-blues’ sound.

Blues; Rhythm and Blues; Blues with an edge of roots or with a pinch of soul or funk: Beautiful ballads, pounding shuffles and swinging Westcoastblues: Make absolutely sure that you’ll be seeing, hearing and feeling Dusink Blues as often as possible!